Monday, September 22, 2008

Weekend Adventures

Wow! What a busy day today. I finally got a chance to sit down at a computer for a little bit of leisure time. Did everyone have a good weekend? I did! I went yard-sellin' all by myself. I hit 4 right her in the big city of Hampton and then I made my way down to a flea market that's about 2 miles away. Look what found at the second yard sale I came across.
As ya'll know, I have A LOT of dogs and that means A LOT of dog food. Well, I have been trying to find something that was not plastic and see through to keep all that food in. I found this old potato bin, painted it black (it was country blue, ick!) and wallah! A dog food bin!

One of my main finds of the day was a new coffee table for my living room. The old one was so big and took up so much space. I just bought a new rug ( a steal at target) and wanted something smaller so the rug could be seen. Take a look at this.

Its all beat up and scratched but it's perfect!! I almost cried when I saw it! It was ten bucks and it made my whole day! I'm trying to figure out what to do with it. paint or not to paint....stain or not to stain.

One of my other great finds was this pitcher for three bucks.

I used it for a vase for some flowers I already had. Isn't it snazzy?

Now, just need to fin new end tables............


Angela said...

Wow girl! You had a great day!!! I am ready for a yard sale fix myself...

Reynie said...

Awesome finds! i love that white pitcher! So elegant. I think the table you could go either way on. i like them beat up!