Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My First Blog!

I have been reading two blogs for a while now and I figured It's time for me to get in the game! My cousin's wife, Angela, has this great little blog about her family and all the things that happen in this wonderful little town where she lives. She tells all sorts of stories about her children, family gatherings, first days of school and what the men do for "fun".

The other blog I have become addicted to is her sister-in-law, Reynie. I went to school with Reynie back in the day and it's nice to see what old friends are doing now. She blogs about crafts and veggies and decorating. She is a wonderful cook and post all sorts of recipes for us to try.

That being said I thought I would like to let folks know what someone like me (married with no children) gets into everyday. I figured that since I am facinated by their lifestyle, they may be interested in mine! So here I go......I'm gonna give everybody a glimpse of what it's like to be "Married With No Children"!


Reynie said...

Yeah!!! I've created another blogger! Welcome to the addicting world of blogging! It's so fun here!

Angela said...

Alright!!! I can not wait to read all about what is going on in your life... it really is fun, and addicting.

Now, we want to see you and Jason in person soon too! We need to get together sometime SOON!

kcherub said...

I am so totally going to copy you and have a blog here! LOL :)