Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hanz Dog

Oh, my sweet pitiful Hanz Dog. Hanz has been around since the first day I met Jason. He was born June 26, 1996. The man that raised him until he was six months old was not really a dog person. He bought Hanz because he liked the appearance of a Weimaraner. He new nothing about the breed, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but let's just say Weims are a handful. He had no patience with Hanz and according to Jason's mother (her boyfriend at the time was Hanz's owner) he was not very nice to him. His mother brought Hanz to Jason when he was a six month old lanky legged puppy with no manners to speak of. If you don't know anything about Weims, here's a little info: THEY ARE BRILLIANT AND HIGH STRUNG AS HELL!!!! Thank goodness Jason was out of work for six months (due to an accident) when he got Hanz because all he did was train, train, train. He trained him to "go to bed" (when he was in trouble he was told this and he would go to Jason's bed and sit there until he was told to come out), play dead, sit, stay and lay down. He also was taught hand signals for all of the commands.

I could go on for hours about this guy. He has done so many crazy things like peeing on my neighbors back to bringing home bread in the middle of the night every time he escaped the fence. I am so afraid he doesn't have much time left with us. He is now blind in one eye, deaf and has arthritis. His balance isn't what it used to be and he sure doesn't have the energy he used to. He has a hard time getting up and down stairs and on occasions his legs will just give out. It's so hard watching him get old knowing what a strong and active dog he was. He still is the center of my husbands life. I don't think Jason will ever love another dog as much as he loves Hanz and when his day comes, I may have to put Jason down with him.

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Angela said...

What a beauty - I love all your "kids"!